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P a r a d i s e   o n   a   B u d g e t


Sombrero Beach Siesta
This photo was taken at Sombrero Beach up in Marathon.  I think that this is what we all picture as the ideal here in Key West.  Napping in the shade under a gently swaying palm tree, what could be better than that!
Of course most of us have to work and go about the steady pace of living.  When I arrived here in Key West, one of the adjustments that I had to make was to the high cost of living.  This website is going to be devoted to sharing tips to make living in Key West more affordable.  There will be some common sense tips, some coupons, some sales and some special stores highlighted here.
I invite anyone to email me and share your tips or experiences.

In my quest to save every penny possible, I usually shop at all three of the major chain local Key West Grocery stores.  They are in alphabetical order GFS, Publix and Winn-Dixie.  While the majority of the deals I mention will be at one of these stores, I will also be branching out into pharmacies, thrift shops and other stores that catch my fancy. 



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